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Bezu Mezcal

Bezu Mezcal Espadin (750mL)

Bezu Mezcal Espadin (750mL)

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Bezu Mezcal is carefully crafted with an artisanal method using a conic shape oven under the ground, crushing the pinas with a Tahona, open natural fermentation in wooden vats for 7-9 days and double distilled in copper alambiques.

Bezu Mezcal, a project that started with a collaboration of Fernando Perez and Everardo Zurita, is produced at "Destileria Zurto" - family distillery with over 20 years producing top quality mezcal - located in Santa Maria Acatepec. The agave fields are located in the area of Yautepec Oaxaca, an arid, rocky dry area which helps for the development of a lot of sugar giving a sweet profile to the liquid.

"Bezu" is the Zapotec word for bee. Bees as busy essential attendants ensuring the pollination of the agave, adding to the taste of mezcal a subtle, playful touch that will “pollinate” your senses, sweeten your desires...

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Hints of complex citrus and sweet herbal notes

Palate: green peppers. Warm vanilla rounds out the palate

Finish: a sharp, toffee finish.
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Blanco / Silver
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