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Wild Hare Distillery

Wild Hare Distillery DROVE Roble Blanco Salvaje Agave Spirit (750mL)

Wild Hare Distillery DROVE Roble Blanco Salvaje Agave Spirit (750mL)

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Wild Hare DROVE Roble Blanco Salvaje is an agave spirit made in Tempe, Arizona. This product begins with the highest quality nectar sourced from Mexico.

This organic agave nectar is pot distilled in Tempe, Arizona. Salvaje, as it is affectionately called, continues its journey in a #2 charred oak barrel with medium toast, where it unlocks its true potential. Then, it is infused with vanilla beans imported from Madagascar.

The flavors and texture are well balanced to provide an indulgent experience. This product has no artificial additives and is not chill filtered.

Wild Hare Red Headed Hare Tasting Notes: 

Color: a beautiful, golden hue, reminiscent of warm amber. It glistens invitingly in the glass, hinting at the richness of flavors to come.

Aroma: Toasty oak with vanilla sweetness are prominent.

Palate: The sweetness unfolds on your palate. The oak elements emerge with a creamy sensation.

Finish: The toasty character is followed with a finish of vanilla that is velvety and smooth.

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Weber Blue
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