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Wild Hare Distillery

Wild Hare Distillery DROVE Amburana Agave Spirit (750mL)

Wild Hare Distillery DROVE Amburana Agave Spirit (750mL)

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Delight in the harmonious marriage of flavors from this exotic wood. The essence of this product is truly one of a kind. This exotic Amburana wood is infused with our agave spirit to bring an amazing product that has notes of cinnamon, vanilla, coconut and rice pudding. It is truly unlike any other. Experience the uniqueness sought from a small batch distillery. This product is not chill filtered.

Wild Hare Distillery DROVE Amburana Tasting Notes:

Color: Light amber

Aroma: Sweet agave with cinnamon with vanilla aromas

Palate: Sweet and smooth velvet followed by a pop of the cinnamon.

Finish: has a vanilla with a hints of rice pudding and coconut lingering sensation.

Agave Type:
Agave Variety:
Weber Blue
Age Category:
Blanco / Silver
Bottle size:
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