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Su Casa

Su Casa Mezcal (750mL)

Su Casa Mezcal (750mL)

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Su Casa Mezcal is based on a recipe that originated in the early 1940s in Mexico when Jose Garcia began harvesting the espadin agave plant that lends mezcal its unique character and flavor.  Now, more than 80 years after Jose created his first batch, the makers of Su Casa invite you to share in this ongoing tradition, from their house to yours.

Su Casa Mezcal is a hand-crafted spirit made with natural ingredients and tropical and floral notes, offering a balanced taste profile with light smoke and an emphasis on citrus, vanilla and tropical flavors. 

While some mezcals offer a heavy, overpowering smoke flavor, Su Casa’s lighter touch makes it the perfect introduction for those who are new to mezcal – as well as a versatile cocktail ingredient.  The result is a spirit that maintains the authenticity and true spirit of mezcal while also being inclusive, with a delicious flavor that everyone can enjoy.  

Enjoy the flavor and essence of Mexico's natural wonders with every sip. Experience the freshness of the ingredients, naturally grown for an exceptional taste.

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