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Laneto Tequila

Laneta Tequila Blanco (750mL)

Laneta Tequila Blanco (750mL)

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LANETA Tequila Blanco is an artisanal spirit, expertly crafted in Mexico with century-old practices. Its double-distilled agave creates a smooth taste, while its sun-drenched plants and hand-carved piñas impart unique complexity. Every bottle is finished with a tactile seal, embodying the tequila’s authentic Mexican roots. Enjoy this iconic tequila with appreciation for generations of expertise and tradition.

Laneta Blanco Tasting Notes:

Aroma: notes of cooked agave, citrus, and herbs.

Palate: inviting and offers sweet flavors with notes of citrus, and pepper, culminating in a smooth finish.

Agave Type:
Age Category:
Blanco / Silver
Bottle size:
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