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Dos Volcanes

Dos Volcanes Anejo (375mL)

Dos Volcanes Anejo (375mL)

Aged 22 months in Limousin oak wine barrels that previously held red wine. Boasting a whole lot of character this has bold notes of caramel and cinnamon spice agave nectar and is driven by a Cognac-like elegance more often found in an extra añejo. A pure expression of distilled agave.

The 2014 vintage is made exclusively from one small crop of blue weber agaves grown organically 8.5 years in the rich volcanic soil of the cool highlands of the two volcanoes on the Jalisco/Colima border. Proceeds from sales support Project Amigo scholarships for poor children in the region where the agaves are grown.

Dos Volcanes is the only agave spirit imported to the U.S. from Colima. No additives. Limited supply. Each bottle is hand numbered. 41% ABV.

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Weber Blue
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