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Tequila San Matias de Jalisco

Corazon de Agave Tequila Reposado (750ml)

Corazon de Agave Tequila Reposado (750ml)

Color: Pale bronze

Nose: Complex, intriguing,shows subtle agave and cedar notes, sweet fragrances such as vanilla, dry dates and almonds.

Palate: Medium-bodied. Clean spicy and woody with a complex layering of dry fruits, caramel, toasted aromas and a great creamy feel.

Finish: Warm and expanding long lasting finish enriched by spicy and oaky notes. Incredible value for a reposado and should be enjoyed sipped slowly like a great añejo.

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Corazón de Agave Reposado is aged in new Canadian oak barrels for up to one year, resulting in a softness and depth previously found only in fine aged cognac and single malt scotch.

Warm, fresh apple aromas waft from the glass, which shows a burnished rose-gold hue. Robust and spicy on the palate, this Tequila balances pepper and agave, with a long, slightly hot finish. Mix into palomas and other cocktails. - K.N.(Tried & True Award)- Decidedly sweet and caramel-laden aromas waft from the glass. The texture is like fine smooth leather and matched nicely with a strong core of coffee, caramel and sweet spice, with roasted fruit flavors shining through.

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Weber Blue
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