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Codigo 1530

Código 1530 Barrel Strength Añejo Tequila (750mL)

Código 1530 Barrel Strength Añejo Tequila (750mL)

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Código 1530 Barrel Strength Añejo Tequila is a luxurious aged tequila made with the finest Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels. Carefully aged for more than 2 years in the world’s finest French White Oak Cabernet barrels, it is one of the smoothest Barrel Strength Tequila's on the market. At 88 Proof (44% Alc./Vol.), this Anejo remains smooth and gentle with no burn.

This private recipe tequila from a family distilling tradition in Amatitán is renowned by tequila experts for its superior taste and smooth delicate finish. Natural, without added sweeteners, colors, or chemicals, Código 1530 Añejo is best enjoyed neat in a flute or snifter.

With only 1,800 bottles released worldwide, each partially black frosted bottle with wax sealed closure is individually numbered.

Tasting Notes:

Subtle caramelized vanilla and dark chocolate notes swirling with toasted oak aroma, soft on the palate with no throaty burn

Agave Type:
Agave Variety:
Weber Blue
Age Category:
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