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Alta Vido

Alta Vida Rested Hemp Infused Tezcal (750mL)

Alta Vida Rested Hemp Infused Tezcal (750mL)

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Tezcal is a unique name that to describes a new kind of wild agave spirit. Traditionally mezcal is made with agave harvested from, and bottled in Mexico - Alta Vida Tezcal is derived from wild agave in Mexico and distilled and bottled in Texas.

Taste hints of melon, pepper, citrus and earthy hemp in every sip of Alta Vida Rested Tezcal. Like a premium Blanco, Rested runs straight through the distillery's bourbon-oak barrels and into the bottle, creating an agave-forward flavor that's absolutely delicious mixed into craft cocktails or sipped alone.

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Blanco / Silver
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