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123 Tequila

123 Tequila El Luchador Blanco Tequila 110 Proof (750mL)

123 Tequila El Luchador Blanco Tequila 110 Proof (750mL)

El Luchador ‘The Wrestler’ is made from organic, single estate agave, unaged and clean, rich and powerful overproof tequila. Slight white pepper and lemongrass on the nose.
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Inspired by the famed masked wrestlers of Mexico, tequilero David Ravandi has created El Luchador, a unique distill-proof Organic Blanco tequila. This deep, velvety 110-proof spirit is favored by mixologists as a foundation for building authentic, classic cocktails and for enjoying as an agave digestif. Our Blanco's journey began at 4,200 ft. in the heartland of Tequila where agaves flourish in the iron-rich soils of our certified organic estate. Here, El Luchador is distilled using artisanal methods and produced and packaged with the utmost respect for the environment.

Appropriately racy on the nose, El Luchador is brimming with agave, lemon pepper, and fresh, sea salt aromas. Rich and powerful, just as you'd expect from a 110-proof spirit, but also silky-sweet with notes of nougat, coconut and agave flavors that build on the finish, offering white pepper, lemongrass, and soothing touches of mint as they fade. Creamy and complex, it strikes a balance between sweet and savory that brings contemporary cocktails to life.

Like the unique traditions of the luchador, our tequila is a unique, distill-proof expression created with the tequila connoisseur in mind.
Agave Type:
Agave Variety:
Weber Blue
Age Category:
Blanco / Silver
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