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Curamia Tequila

Curamia Tequila Blanco (750mL)

Curamia Tequila Blanco (750mL)

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Curamia’s exceptionally smooth taste - clean, extra-soft, herbal finishes - is a result of the brand's commitment to simplicity and sustainability, as well as authenticity and craftsmanship. Their liquid extraction model is recognized by the tequila regulatory council for its sustainability - utilizing steam and water for the purest taste (and cleanest process) possible.

The process of producing Curamia Tequila begins at the top of the volcano of tequila, when natural spring water trickles down the rugged cliffs to the underground wells below - natural aquifers, 70-meters beneath the earth’s surface. The volcanic soil enriches the water with essential minerals, which is harmonized with our tequila through a proprietary process. This combination of authenticity and craftsmanship, of heritage and innovation, is at the very heart of Curamia Tequila.

Curamia Tequila Blanco Tasting Notes:

Color: Transparent with silver hues.

Aroma: Donut peach, tangerine, mango, grated lime zest with floral notes of orange blossom and sun riped earth.

Palate: Fruity & floral with the sweet warm notes of fresh agave, pineapple and pear.

Finish: Bright finish with subtle notes of salted japaleño & white pepper.


Agave Type:
Agave Variety:
Weber Blue
Age Category:
Blanco / Silver
Bottle size:
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