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Fósforo Mezcal

Fosforo Tobala Penca Mezcal (750mL)

Fosforo Tobala Penca Mezcal (750mL)

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The journey behind every bottle of Fósforo Mezcal begins with a slow 90-minute drive outside of the city of Puebla, MX where the local terrain provides the perfect growing conditions for the finicky Tobalá agave. There 4th generation Master Mezcalero Aarón Alva Sánchez manages the Fósforo mezcal agave cultivation and production process from seed through sip.

The bottles of Fósforo made today are the product of hand-picked agaves that have matured for between 8-15 years, imparting a floral, fruity complexity to the finished mezcal profile.

This unique expression starts with a base Tobalá agave plants, roasted for 5-8 days in underground pits before a ten-day to two week fermentation. The spirit is then double distilled before 1-3 month aging in glass vessels with agave penca leaf, imparting an alluring layer of savory complexity.

Fosforo Tobala Penca Tasting Notes:

Color: Brilliant amber in color

Aroma: layers of complexity––Leading with young leather, caramel and spices, the complex aroma profile shows hints of white flower and lemongrass.

Palate: this unique expression showcases an explosion of floral notes, followed by toasted nuts and mellow smoky undertones.

Finish: This Tobalá Penca expression leaves a wonderful lingering, full-mouth feel.
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