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1953 Tequila

1953 Tequila Anejo (750mL)

1953 Tequila Anejo (750mL)

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In 1953 women secured the right to vote in Mexico.

1953 Tequila honors the courage, tenacity, and boldness of the women who fought for equality then and those who continue to pursue equality for women and girls around the world today.

1953 Tequila is a social justice spirit, and is the only additive-free super premium tequila founded, farmed. distilled, and distributed by women.

1953 Tequila Añejo is purely authentic with no additives — just 100% pure blue weber agave - and is sourced and produced by local families whose stories are rooted in the traditions and natural beauty of Mexico. Their agave farms have been owned by one family for four generations, and the distillery has only changed hands once in over 135 years.

The tequila is produced using a proprietary yeast, that is formulated to showcase the natural flavors of agave along with notes of caramel and vanilla and complemented by hints of citrus and chocolate. The agaves are slow roasted, extracted, distilled, and aged to perfection to let natural flavors fully develop. No shortcuts here. The spirit is then aged in vintage American Oak barrels previously used to age bourbon, resulting in complex flavors & a smooth, refined finish.

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Weber Blue
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