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Vikera Tequila Extra Anejo (750mL)

Vikera Tequila Extra Anejo is aged for seven years, resulting in an extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Its overall flavor imparts a creamy texture and ultra-smooth taste.
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In order to qualify as an Extra Añejo, the tequila has to be aged for three years. Vikera Extra Anejo is aged for seven years (double the time!) which gives its extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Vikera Tequila embodies the story of Melly Barajas, owner and master distiller of Vinos y Licores Aztecs, which is 100% owned and operated by women. Melly has had the chance to make a difference by providing many women the opportunity to maintain a steady career in the art of crafting the finest 100% blue agave Tequila in Mexico. Her ability to empower these women has earned her the name “Doña Melly” due to the impact she has made on many lives in her community. In the spirit of their hard work and dedication to the craft, Vikera Tequila is named after Melly and her Lady Vikings or "Vikeras". In order to help Melly continue to change lives, proceeds generated from each bottle of Vikera Tequila sold will be used to provide education and opportunities for the people of Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Vikera offers extraordinarily smooth and complex Tequila because of the unique oxygenated process, longer barrel aging and earthy notes that come from the highlands region of Tequila.
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Extra Añejo
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