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Porfidio Tequila Anejo 80@ (750ml)

Made from 100% agave grown in the Jalisco region of Mexico. A truly authentic Tequila, triple distilled and bottled in hand-blown glass bottles. 

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From the distiller - • Made only from 100% Agave Tequilana, not blended • Made only from 100% Agave Tequilana from the growing region of Jalisco, Mexico • Made only from fully mature 10 year old Agave Tequilana plants • One pressing only (only virgin agave juice used) • Single-Harvest: All bottles are identified by the agave Harvest year • Naturally fermented • Alambique distilled, not column distilled • Triple-Distilled, not Double-Distilled • Unique Packaging: Hand-Blown Glass bottle • Super-Jalisco, not Tequila

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