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del Maguey Mezcal San Luis del Rio Single Village (750ml)

San Luis del Rio has one of the enticing aromas in the spirit world, with a surplus combination of cocoa, fruity/ smoky dried chiles, roasted pineapple and hints of bananas. The silken palate expands further on those aromas, revealing a spectrum of flavors as well as a subtle smokiness laced throughout. The finish is very long and complex with flavors of fruit and fine cigar smoke; there’s even a hint of iodine that provides a salty characteristic. Put it all together and you get, Mezcal San Luis del Rio, a world-class spirit.
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Recommended for those who love big, smoky flavors in mezcal, this single-village spirit starts with mellow oregano and herb notes, which are quickly engulfed by waves of iodine and smoke. This is a great way to add a smoke note to cocktails. (UB Collection,Finalist,Tried & True Award)- Aromas are layered with brine, smoked pineapple and minerals. Very bright on the palate with high toned spiciness, lime rind, minerality, and an almost meaty savory quality. Smoked red peppers and roasted root vegetables offer sweet undertones. Delightful.
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