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Bozal Mezcal Borrego (750ml)

A dry mineral base is offset nicely with an abundance of fruit, herbaceous notes and nuttiness. A viscous entry coats the mouth leading to a fruit forward mid palate with subtle sweetness that shines with bright citrus and persimmons. The finish is smooth with flavors of smoked lamb.

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Part of the American Oaxacensis agave family, the Castilla is a close cousin to the Espadin agave. Smaller in size than an Espadin and often discovered more in the wild, this agave is heavily influenced by its terroir. Sourced from a dry region in Oaxaca, the agave offered a distinctive mineral forward flavor. From the same field, calabazas (pumpkins), a traditional crop, have been long cultivated for hundreds of years lending more complexity to the agave.

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