11th Annual Expo Tequila in Tijuana B.C.

By BajaBerger

Are you hungry (or thirsty) for some Mexican culture?  Don’t miss the much anticipated 11th annual Expo Tequila in Tijuana.  Tequila fans from both sides of the border converge to enjoy some of the best Agave based spirits along with authentic Mexican food and cultural music.  The event offers 300 brands of Tequilas at special prices as well as daily raffles for attendees.  There are many brands to sample at no additional cost.

  •               When: October 12th thru 16th 2011 
  •               Where: Revolucion Avenue at 7th Street, Downtown TJ
  •               Time: 1:00 PM to 12:00 Midnite (9 PM on Sunday)
  •               Cost: $6.00 US dollars  or $70.00 Mexican pesos.

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