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Los Agavedores | ForTequilaLovers Who The Heck Is In Charge Here?

Well, the real truth is YOU are! is a community created by tequila lovers, ForTequilaLovers. So in fact, as a community member your voice and opinion is as important as anyone else's. You can actively participate and impact everything that goes on here.

But when we started thinking about creating this community, we knew we’d need a strong core of initial members to both set the bar for content quality and to help us establish the foundation from which ForTequilaLovers would grow and evolve. We wanted the values of the early settlers to reflect our commitment to independence, self-governance and a desire for fresh-thinking and engaging tequila content.

We considered this critical if a community for tequila, sotol and mezcal lovers was to thrive.

So we spent the winter of 2012 seeking out some of the top thought-leaders and "Agave Activists" in the world of tequila and 100% agave spirits. We wanted people from around the globe, who were not only passionate about Tequila but also smart, creative free thinkers who want to change the perception of Tequila being a drink tossed back between a lick of salt and a suck on a lime, and spread the gospel of tequila, mezcal and sotol as some of the most sophisticated, hand-crafted artisanal spirits produced anywhere in the world and accessible to everyone.

Here' who they are...

ForTequilaLovers Founding Agavedores

When you become a member of, you join some the world's preeminent thought leaders and agave activits in a community dedicated to enjoying tequila, mezcal and sotol.