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Slow Shipping Tequila / Mezcal

We at ForTequilaLovers take great pride in being able to offer you products that you typically won’t find in your local liquor store. These mezcals and tequilas are hard to find because they are produced by small, independently owned distilleries that often don't have national distribution.

ForTequilaLovers goes to great lengths to get make these artisanal agave spirits available to you, but often times that comes at a price: the time it takes to get the product from the importer to our fulfillment centers.

So if you want one these spectacular small batch products on your bar, please know that it may take up to three weeks before we can ship it to you. But unless you’re in a rush, don't let that stop you...good spirits come to those who wait, and we’re confident you’ll be rewarded for your patience!