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Miguel Cedeño Cruz


Miguel Cedeno Cruz

Miguel Cedeño Cruz is one of the most well known technicians in the Tequila Industry and for many years he has being part of the technical committees for the Tequila National Chamber (CNIT) and the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) two of the most important organizations linked to tequila in Mexico.

He is a native of Guadalajara, the capital town of the state of Jalisco, Mexico but his grandparents were born in the Highlands and they were linked to Agave cultivation for many years in the village of Arandas, Jalisco, so part of his genes have the influence of this marvelous plant and tequila as well.

He is a Chemical Engineer and has a M.S. on Biotechnology, specifically in Fermentation Technology. During his first 10 years of professional life he was involved in teaching in the Merida Institute for Technology and the Autonomous Yucatan University, forming many new generations as Biochemical Engineers, Chemists and Masters in Biotechnology. Research and development is another of his passions, and he was involved in projects with other species of agave, Agave fourcroydes (Henequen) in the Yucatan peninsula located in the Maya region.

Twenty-two years ago he moved from Merida, Yucatan to Guadalajara where developed some projects for the tequila industry in which he worked for 21 years having important positions in tequila distilleries. During his direction, in the latest one, he achieved recognition as the best distillery in the world, being the first time that a tequila distillery won this prize.

During these 21 years, Miguel has dedicated, besides his corporate responsibilities, to continue his teaching labor and has imparted many seminars, conferences and courses related to tequila and in his knowledge area, not only in Mexico but in some other countries. As a Master Distiller, participate in different tastes, the latest in London, directed to the main spirit industries in the United Kingdom.

Always restless and because of his passion for research and development he has directed many thesis, published technical papers and book chapters related to tequila. Additionally he is participating in the first diploma course for Tequila Technicians organized by the Autonomous Guadalajara University and the CRT.

In 2009, now as a private consultant for the tequila industry, advise in starting plants, process improvement and training people and collaborates with the CNIT and the CRT in tequila promotion around the world.

CHEMICAL ENGINEER...MASTER DISTILLER Miguel Cedeo Cruz is one of the most well known technicians in the Tequila Industry and for many years he has being part of the technical committees for the Tequila National Chamber (CNIT) and the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) two of the...