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El Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal Joven (750ml)

A semi-dry mezcal made from Espadin (Angustifolia) agave presents notes of citrus, green leaves, herbaceous, caramel and melon.

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El Peloton de la Muerte is produced by Mezcales de Leyenda, a cooperative that represents artisanal mezcal producers from different regions in Mexico. The group was formed by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs, led by New York based chef Danny Mena. The label for El Peloton de la Muerte, which means Brigade of Death, depicts the flag used by insurgents during the Mexican Revolution. An alluring nose of roasted agave and grilled exotic fruits opens up onto a lush, creamy palate that shows fruity and nutty character with a hint of soapiness. The smoke here is gentle, like a campfire long left smoldering.

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